Ray Reed Memorial Fund

The AWA is starting a fund to purchase a headstone for Ray Reed, founder of the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Literally, hundreds of thousands have benefitted from his hard work.  Right now, Ray is buried in a small cemetery in New Mexico with no headstone.  The AWA contacted the Reed Family, and we are working with them.  We’re not looking to make a huge memorial, only a headstone with some of what Ray did for western swing, chuckwagons and everyone who loves the west.  The AWA will not benefit or charge anything, but will make a donation of our own.  I knew Ray, he made one of the most successful events of all time and he deserves to be remembered.  If you need to contact me 580-221-8793, or working_cowboy@hotmail.com.  There is a paypal link on this website, just put in for Ray Reed.