POSTED:  September 6, 2021  Updated: October 5, 2021

In order to be an award category, there must be at least 10 nominees.

If there are fewer than 10, they will be folded over to the next year.

ATTENTION ARTISTS: Full time artists employ people to do their promotion for them including sending in their names and materials for awards. Unless you have someone on your payroll to do this, YOU NEED TO DO IT YOURSELF!!! If there are less than 10 submissions, the category will be folded over until next year


Radio Station of the Year



American Cowboy Radio KJAG 107.7

Blackdog Indie Country Radio

Bus of Real Country

FRH Radio, UK

Irish Country Radio (ICR)

KGVR, Rio Grande Valley Radio


KPOV Calling All Cowboys

KRNR FM 107.3 Red Neck Radio, Goldthwaite, TX

KSSL FM, Lubbock, TX

KWMT, Ft. Dodge, Ia

KYQX, 89.5 Weatherford, TX

QXFM Weatherford, TX

WKRM 103.7 Columbia, TN

Nash Vegas Indy Radio

Stone Cold Country

WKUL Big D & Bubba

Yassfm 100.3 fm,  Jukebox Junkie, Australia

Disc Jockey of the Year



Kay Cook Abbott

Joy Adams

HD Ainsworth

Dave Alexander

Brenda Lynn Allen

Billy Bowles

Janice Brooks

Beth Brown

Rene/LeeAnn Cerde

David D’souza

Charley Engel

Johnny Etheridge

Doug Figgs

Mick Hearn

Don Hollander

Judy James

T Reese Janca

Billy Keeble

Allen/Jill Kirkham

Phil Kranz

Eddy Leverett

Ben Parks

Nik Pizzigoni

Alan Reynolds

Barbara Richart

Totsie Slover

Steve Tidbury

Justin Trevino

Dave Watkins



Jack Barksdale

Alice Black
Jake Blocker
Ava Page
Grace Partridge
Jack Phillips
Ridge Roberts
Brayden Ryle
Samuel L. Smith
Kacey/Jenna Thunborg

Caroline Wisesman


Marty Howard Chambers
James Hedden
Mike Johnson
Jill Kirkham
Ernie Martinez
Al “Boo” Miller
Dave Nachmanoff
Hyram Posey
Chuck Rich
Curt Ryle
Hailey Sandoz
Scotty Sanders
David Sawyer (young)
David Sawyer (older)
Leah Sawyer
Joe Spivey
Lindsay Waddington
Brooke Wallace

David Waters

Pure Country

          Female Artist of the Year


Kay Cook Abbott

Joy Adams

Vanessa Bourne

Angela Breen

Catherine Britt

Caitlin Cannon

Lynn Campbell

Shannen Carroll

Dolly Dunn

Teea Goans

Rachel Goode

Olivia Harms

Della Harris

Pamela Hopkins

Cathy Jewell

Katie Jo

Georgette Jones

Kristi Kayln

Deirdre Keane

Chelsea Kelly

Charlene Keyes

Jill Kimsey

Lisa Layne

Brennen Leigh

Tessa Libreri

Ruth Manning

Lorraine McCauley

Jasmine McDonald

Tecia McKenna

Shauna McStravock

Betsy Nelson

Amber Joy Poulton

Ashley Puckett

Ashling Rafferty

Lady Redneck

Myra Rolen

Samantha Ross

Leah Sawyer

Brid Shaughnessy


Alice Wallace

Sharon Marie White

Pure Country

          Male Artist of the Year


Lonnie Bartmess

Noel Boland

Tony Booth

Norman Borland

Marty Howard Chambers

Charley Crockett

Chuck Cusimano

Troy Cessar-Daley

Jesse Daniels

Daryl Wayne Dasher

Tyler Dozier

Kevin Fullen

.Claude Gray

Adam Harvey

Dan Herrell

Andy Higgins

Eamonn Jackson

Larry Jay

Rollin Jewett

Steven John

Steve Kolander

Dennis Ledbetter

Tony Lee

Thomas Libreri

Dewey Longuski

Richard Lynch

Steve Markwardt

Andy Martin

Stevie McVeigh

Christopher Melanson

Randy C Moore

Stuart Moyles

Jeremy Parsons

Andy Penkow

Simon Peters

Keith Phillips

Gary Pratt

Robert Ross

Curt Ryle

Randy Seedorff

Samuel L. Smith

Lonnie Spiker

Scott Southworth

Lyndsay Waddington

Matt Westin

Pure Country

Duo or Group of the Year


Flat River Band

Michael Carpenter & The Banks Brothers

Cowboy Cutouts

Georgette Jones/Dolly Dunn

Chuck Cusimano/Country Enough

Once Great Estate

Bobby Mackey/Lisa Layne


Destiny Band Oz

Side Pony

Jayden Rylee /Brayden Ryle

Jasmine McDonald/Brayden Ryle

See Your Shadow


            ALBUM OF THE YEAR
Joy Adams-That Says It All
Charley Crockett-10 For Slim; Charley Crockett Sings James Hand
Chuck Cusimano-My Friends Sing My Songs Vol. 1
Troy Cessar-Daley-The World Today
Jesse Daniels-Beyond These Walls
Daryl Wayne Dasher-Honky Tonk Ways
Dolly Dunn-Canadian Country
Once Great Estate-Even The Undertaker
Olivia Harms-Rhinestone Cowboy
Katie Jo-Pawn Shop Queen
Richard Lynch-My Guitar Drips Country
Steve Markwardt-Home Again
Randy C Moore-Lufkin
Destiny Band Oz-Who I Might Be
Jeremy Parsons-Things To Come
Gary Pratt-Something Worth Remembering
Curt Ryle-Unjustifiable Homicide
Randy Seedorff-Begin Again

Lonnie Spiker-I Wish I Was In Texas




Joy Adams-That Says It All
Lloyd Back-Old Boots
Noel Boland-Always In My Heart
Angela Breen-All That And Then Some
Catherine Britt-I Am A Country Song
Cowboy Cutouts-Daylight Cryin’ Time
Troy Cessar-Daley-The World Today
Johnny Chester-If I Lived Here (I’d Be Home Now)
Daryl Wayne Dasher-Tonight Carmet
Daryl Wayne Dasher-Honky Tonk Ways
Daryl Wayne Dasher-Beneath The Silver Maple
Tyler Dozier-How Can I Forget You Master?
Georgette Jones/Dolly Dunn-Back Stabbing Woman
Dolly Dunn-The Star
Dolly Dunn-Hide Behind The Cross
Dolly Dunn-Until I See You Again
Once Great Estate-Even The Undertaker
Claude Gray-Music
Pamela Hopkins-Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit)
Eamonn Jackson-The Dawning Of The Day
Lardry Jay-Killer Song
Rollin Jewett-Ride Tall
Steven John-Southern Attic
Steve Kolander-This Old Barn
Lisa Layne-Here Comes The Loneliness
Bobby Mackey/Lisa Layne-Hony I Do
Brennen Leigh-The John Deere H
Dewey Longuski-Drinking Alone
Dewey Longuski-Later Is A Dirty Word
Brian Adams/Dewey Longuski-Reel Man
Bobby Mackey/Lisa Layne-Honey I Do Too
Richard Lynch-Hurtin, Cheatin, Lyin Country Song
Steve Markwardt-Home Again
Tecia McKenna-Take Your Trouble With You
Christopher Melanson-I’ve Been Around Enough To Know
Christopher Melanson-Right Here In My Arms
Christopher Melanson-Daddy, Don’t Hurt Mama
Christopher Melanson-Last To Say Goodbye
Randy C Moore-I Sold A Lot Of Beer
Destiny Band Oz-Show Pony
Destiny Band Oz-It’s A Shame
Destiny Band Oz-This Is Our Land
Jeremy Parsons-Something Other Than You Are
Keith Phillips-Bible And A Gun
Keith Phillips-Dance Away With Me Tonight
Keith Phillips-Give It Hell Tomorrow
Ashley Puckett-Live Like You Love
Samantha Ross-I’ve Done All I Can
Curt Ryle-Unjustifiable Homicide
Leah Sawyer-For Better Or Fort Worth
Randy Seedorff-Family Tree
See Your Shadow-It Starts With Hello
Shavonne-Blame It On My Heart Again
Sam L Smith-Teach Me How To Love Again
Scott Southworth-Break My Honky Tonk Heart
Scott Southworth-Less To Break
                    Lonnie Spiker-I Wish I Had A Home
          Lonnie Spiker-I’ll Always Be There
          Lindsay Waddington-Instrafundamental
          Lindsay Waddington-He Liked Horses More Than People
          Lindsay Waddington-How Country Do You Want It
          Lindsay Waddington-Just Get Better
          Lindsay Waddington-Cuervo
         Matt Westin-Thin Blue Line
                   Sharon Marie White-Small Town Prayer Line
                   Sharon Marie White-Small Town




Susie Blue
Lori Beth Brooke
Alexa Dee Crooks
Devon Dawson
Kristyn Harris
Carolyn Martin
Jasmine McDonald
Louise Rowe
Leah Sawyer
Karrie Sheehan
Carolyn Sills




Dave Alexander
Jody Byrd
Alex Dormont
Jake Hooker
Rocky King
Dewey Longuski
Bobby Mackey
Steve Markwardt
Billy Mata
Jody Nix
Keith Phillips
Jason Roberts
Carlos Washington



Clint Bradley Band
Bobby Flores/Yellow Rose Band
Dave Alexander Big Swing Band
Red Steagall Western Swing Band
Carolyn Sills Combo
Southwest Biscuit Company
Jake Hooker/Outsiders
Texas Playboys
Rollfast Ramblers
Carlos Washington/Steel Horse Swing
Texas Tradition
Coby Carter/Five Miles West




Lori Beth Brooke-Texas Star
Southwest Biscuit Company-It’s Biscuit Time
Steve Markwardt-Home Again
Rollfast Ramblers-Non-Stop Action!! Thrills!!
Carlos Washington-Little Bit Of Texas




Hot Texas Swing Band-Devil On My Tail
Lori Beth Brooke-Guys Love Chicks Who Yodel
Southwest Biscuit Company-Please Leave Me The Whiskey
Southwest Biscuit Company-What Is There To Do In Cheyenne
Southwest Biscuit Company-Old And Cranky
Hot Club Of Cowtown-What Makes Bob Holler
John Frank/Dewey Longuskii-Front Porch Swing
Bobby Mackey-Texas Is Where I Need To Be
Steve Markwardt-Home Again
Jasmine McDonald-I’m Saying Hello To Goodbye
Rollfast Ramblers-The Old Oak Tree
Rollfast Ramblers-Good Gracious Gracie
Rollfast Ramblers-Gulf Coast Gal
Rollfast Ramblers-That’s How It Feels
Carlos Washington-One Way To Swing
Carlos Washington-Little Bit Of Texas




Dawn Anita
Eli Barsi
Devon Dawson.
Emily Gimble
Joni Harms
Kristyn Harris
Mary Kaye Holt
Judy James
Jill Kirkham
Susie Knight
Carol Markstrom
Abby Payne
Jean Prescott
Leah Sawyer
Jenna Thunborg
Kacey Thunborg




John Bergstrom
Clint Bradley
Ron Christopher
Richard Elloyan
Doug Figgs
Greg Hager
Brenn Hill
Randy Huston
Jim Jones
Allen Kirkham
Corb Lund
Bob Marshall
Keith Phillips
John Clayton Reed
David Sawyer (older)
Ernie Sites
Dave Stamey
Red Steagall
Bob Thomas
RJ Vandygriff
Barry Ward
Carlos Washington




English Brothers
Cowtown Opry Buckaroos
Notable Exceptions
Simple Gifts (Sawyer family)
Allen/Jill Kirkham
Miss Devon and Outlaw
Gary/Jean Prescott
Kacey/Jenna Thunborg
Cowboy Way
Three Trails West
Bar J Wranglers




Dawn Anita-Singing Cowgirl Rides Again
Dan Canyon Band-Canyon Songs
Hot Texas Swing Band-Devil On My Tail
John Bergstrom-Grandpa’s Yard
Ron Christopher-Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends
Doug Figgs-Yellow Horse
Gabrielle Gore-I See You
Kerry Grombacher-Range Of the Buffalo
Brenn Hill-Still In The Fight
Steve Jones-The Lup Of Coal
Mary Kaye Holt-Frontier
Jim Jones-Good Days Are Comin’
Stan Lawrence-True Tales
John Lowell-She’s Leaving Cheyenne
Carol Markstrom-Mile After Mile
Dan McCorison-Me and Les
Chris Mortensen-Ride My Pony
Bob Thomas-Irony
Richard Elloyan/Steve Wade-Once Upon A Desert Night
Barry Ward-Rancher’s Paradise
Carlos Washington-One Way To Swing




Hot Texas Swing Band-Devil On My Tail
Lori Beth Booke-Guys Love Chicks Who Yodel
Lori Beth Brooke-Bride Of The Brazos
Lori Beth Brooke-Texas Star
Ron Christopher-The King Of Nashville
Ron Christopher-Te Amare Siempre Mi Amor
Ron Christopher-Saddle Tramp
Doug Figgs-Yellow Horse
Doug Figgs-She Calls Me Daddy
Doug Figgs-Forty Acres And A Mule
Doug Figgs-Sacramentos
Doug Figgs-The Gruilla Mare
Doug Figgs-Horses Dogs And Kids
Doug Figgs-El Caballo del Fuego
Doug Figgs-Bible In My Pocket
Doug Figgs-Ways Of Another Time
Kerry Grombacher-Range Of The Buffalo
Kerry Grombacher-When The Bullet Left The Gun
Kerry Grombacher-We Rode The River ‘til The River Ran Dry
Brenn Hill-Still In The Fight
Jim Jones-Ride The River
Mary Kaye Holt-Scenic Hwy 12
Mary Kaye Holt-Horse Called Freedom
Jim Jones-I’m Right, You’re Wrong
Jim Jones-The Legend Of El Tigre
Jim Jones-In The Moment
Steve Jones-Loving Today In The Land Of Tomorrow
Susie Knight-Lookin’ For One Good Cowboy
Stan Lawrence-Blue Cowboy Waltz
Stan Lawrence-Navajo Silver, Sunset Gold
John Lowell-Angus MacKenzie
John Lowell-The Snake Pistol
John Lowell-The Lonesome Western Trail
Carol Markstrom-Dust Of Palomas

Carol Markstrom-Mile After Mile
Carol Markstrom-Miner’s Candle
Dan McCorison-Welcome To Wickenburg
Dan McCorison-Lights Of Cheyenne
Dan McCorison-Me And Les
Dan McCorison-Dust Of Los Angeles
Keith Phillips-Ridin’ For The Brand
Keith Phillips-Bible And A Gun
Keith Phillips-Get It Hell Tomorrow
Jim Schafer-Out Where The Cowboys Rope And Ride
Bob Thomas-Gone
Bob Thomas-Irony
Bob Thomas-Reality
Bob Thomas-Cowboy Blues
Jim Jones, Kacey/Jenna Thunborg-In The Moment
Richad Elloyan/Steve Wade-Once Upon A Desert Night
Richard Elloyan & Steve Wade-Out Where I Belong
Richard Elloyan/Steve Wade-Saddle Up And Ride
Richard Elloyan/Steve Wade-Behind My Guitar
BarryWard/Carlos Washington-Last Cattle Guard
Cowboy Way-Don’t Say Goodbye To The Cowboy Way