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If,  for any reason,  you are unable to upload your music to our site, we will arrange for you to send Indiexpress a CD which we will then pull the information off and upload to our system.  We will include the liner notes, artwork and information.  We aim to make it as easy as possible for all concerned.


Distribution fees for Indiexpress can be purchased through Paypal at this site.


Distribution will be sent out within 24 hours of Payment received..

………In association with Academy of Western Artists………

Indiexpress (NDXpress)



P O Box 35

Gene Autry, OK 73436

Indiexpress payments made through Paypal will
Be sent a confirmation, retain that receipt as proof of payment.

Indiexpress promotion ordered through the mail to the above address will be sent confirmation. If you do not receive that confirmation, within 7 days by mail, immediately send an email to , and >.


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