Past Winners – Western Swing


1996-Craig Chambers

1997-Leon Rausch

1998-Leon Rausch

1999-Buck Reams

2000-Billy Mata

2001-Craig Chambers

2002-Curtis Potter

2003-Craig Chambers

2004-Dave Alexander

2005-Billy Mata

2006-Leon Rausch

2007-Billy Mata

2008-Reid Wells

2009-John England

2010-John England

2011-Jimmy Burson

2012-Alex Dormont

2013-Tony Harrison

2014-Coby Carter

2015-Coby Carter

2016-Greg Gibbs

2017-Bobby Flores

2018-Doug Boggs

2019-Johnny Angel




1996-Trudy Fair

1997-Trudy Fair

1998-Dayna Wills

1999-Trudy Fair

2000-Peggy Rains

2001-Trudy Fair

2002-Robin Deeter

2003-Ginny Mac

2004-Christine Mims

2005-Melissa Collard

2006-Jean Stafford

2007-Liz  Talley

2008-Carolyn Martin

2009-Kelli Grant

2010-Carolyn Martin

2011-Joni Harms

2012-Naomi Emmerson

2013-Carolyn Martin

2014-Sharyn Lee

2015-Stacey Lee Guse

2016-Katie Glassman

2017-Cheryl Deseree

2018-Taryn Noelle

2019-Kristyn Harris




1996-Time Warp Tophands

1997-Time Warp Tophands

1998-Legends of Western Swing


2000-Ray Price/Cherokee Cowboys

2001-Texas Mud

2002-Time Jumpers

2003-Dave  Alexander/ Legends of Western Swing


2005-River Road Boys

2006-The Texas Playboys

2007-Light Crust Doughboys

2008-Texas Gypsies

2009-Brady Bowen Swing Country

2010-Saddle Cats

2011-Shoot Low Sheriff

2012-Great Recession Orchestra

2013-Al Dressen Super Swing Review

2014-Western Swing Authority

2015-5 Miles West

2016-Jason Roberts Band

2017-Western Flyers

2018-Billy Mata/Texas Tradition

2019-Tommy Thomsen/Ambassadors Of Western Swing




1996-Asleep at the Wheel-Tribute to Bob Wills

1997-Rausch/Allsup-A Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills

1998-Trudy Fair-On the Texas Side

1999-Leon Rausch-Close to You

2000-Cowjazz Playing with a Stacked Deck

2001-Craig Chambers-West by Southwest

2002-Tommy Morrell-Jugglin’ Cats

2003-Time Jumpers-Live at the Station Inn

2004-Ginny Mac Sweet Sentimental Dreams

2005-Dave Alexander, Western Boogie

2006-Segovia, So In Love With You

2007-Dan T. Chambers, Alive And Swinging

2008-Quebe Sisters Band, Timeless

2009-Billy Mata, This Is Tommy Duncan

2010-Saddle Cats, Herding Cats

2011-Tony Harrison/Hot Texas Band, Swinging Big

2012-Brady Bowen, Tribute To Tom Morrell, Bob Boatright, Leon Chambers

2013-Dave Alexander, Alexander’s Good Time Band

2014-Carolyn Martin A Platter of Brownies

2015-Cowboy Joe Babcock Trail Jazz

2016-Time Jumpers Kid Sister

2017-Bret Raper Somewhere Near Austin

2018-LeeLee Robert Swing Set

2019-Hyram Posey/Lonnie Spiker A Tribute To Bob Wills




1996-Luke Reed/Caswell-Too Many Irons

19997-Michael Fleming-This Old Cowboy Gets the Blues

1998-Cindy Walker-Old Town Taos, NM

1999-Cindy Walker-Ruidoso

2000-Dayna Wills/Norma Lee Faded Love

2001-Joe Merrick New Mexico

2002-Dugg Collins Each Time I Hear That Song

2003-Hugh Cardenas/Harold Hill San Antonio Sweetheart

2004-Cindy Walker/Shelly Lee Alley, Jr. We’re Proud Du Ya’s from Texas

2005-Curtis Potter, Every Time I Hear A Fiddle Play

2006-Joe Paul Nichols, Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane

2007-Starla Queen, Show Me

2008-Tommy Hooker, Texas In My Soul

2009-Mary Allen, Let’s Make Music In The Country

2010-Les Gilliam, Oklahoma 1955
2011-Leon Rauch/Asleep At The Wheel, It’s A Good Day

2012-Erik Swanson, Big Texas

2013-Hot Texas Swing Band-Way Too Soon

2014-Rick & Ramblers You Can’t Make It Up

2015-Susie Blue/LonesomeFellas Love Is A Lingering Thing

2016-Paul Schlesinger You Were Meant To Ruin My Dreams

2017-Kim Blakey Bucket List

2018-Steel Horse Swing Swing Time Baby

2019-John Arthur Martinez For The Love Of Western Swing




1996-Rich O’Brian

1997-Tommy Allsup

1998-Tommy Morrell

1999-Bob Boatright

2000-Rich O’Brian

2001-Leon Chambers

2002-Floyd Domino

2003-Cindy Cashdollar

2004-Bobby Flores

2005-Tommy Nash

2006-Johnny Gimble

2007-Bobby Koeffer

2008-Jim Loessberg

2009-Buddy Hrabel

2010-Buddy Spicher

2011-Jody Nix

2012-Jessica Munn

2013-Lucy Dean Record

2014-Rocco Fortunato

2015-Tim Atwood

2016-Mike Sweeney

2017-Junior Knight

2018-Hyram Posey

2019-Mark Abbott