2014 AWA Music Award Winners

Radio Station: KTNK, Lompoc, CA
Disc Jockey:
Tom Wardle, Kintersville, PA
Outstanding Achievement:
Albert Talley, Cleburne, TX
Distinguished Service:
Larry Byers, Texas

Instrumentalist of the Year: Rocco Fortunato

Young Artist: Shannon Hall


Western Music Male:  Barry Ward

Western Music Female: Belinda Gail

Western Music Duo/Group: Hanson Family

Western Music Album/CD: Jewel of the West” Lee Lee Robert

Western Music Song: “Scios” Doug Figgs


Western Swing Male: Coby Carter

Western Swing Female: Sharyn Lee

Western Swing Duo/Group: Western Swing Authority

Western Swing Album/CD: A Platter of Brownies” Carolyn Martin

Western Swing Song: You Can’t Make It Up” Rick & The Ramblers



Pure Country Male: JD Micals

Pure Country Female: Janice Maynard

Pure Country Duo/Group: Michael Dart & Skyline Wranglers

Pure Country Album/CD: A World Away” Kimberly Murray

Pure Country Song: Hold That Thought” Myra Rolen