23rd Annual Academy of Western Artists Trappings Awards for 2018

awa logoThe Academy of Western Artists would like to congratulate the following selections for the 2018 Gear and Trappings. The awards are very unique in that they are given for the body of an artists work and not a contest. Names are submitted to a blind jury of their peers in each area. They are judged on 1-body of work 2-quality of work 3-standing within their peer community. The 23rd Annual Will Rogers Awards are open to the public and will be held March 14, 2019 in the Brown Lupton Ballroom on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. More information is available at AWAAwards.org
Artist-Shawn Cameron, Arizona
Cartoonist-Kristen Lloyd, Utah
Spurmaker-Bill Madole, Oklahoma
Engraver-Matt Litz, Texas
Bootmaker-Dave Wheeler, Texas
Braider-Bret Haskett, Idaho
Saddlemaker-Ken Tipton, Nevada
Master Leather Artisan-Tony Laier, Colorado
Hitcher-Donna Murray, Alberta, Canada
The prestigious Don King Memorial Saddlemaker of the Year is Pete Gorrell, Hawaii
The Garnet Brooks Chuckwagon of the Year is Keith Middleton, TexasAcademy of Western Artists