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Western Music

1996-R.W. Hampton
1997-Jeff Gore
1998-Don Edwards
1999-R.W. Hampton
2000-Dan Roberts
2001-Dave Stamey
2002-R.W. Hampton
2003-Curly Musgrave
2004-Brenn Hill
2005-Bill Barwick
2006-R.W. Hampton
2007-Doug Moreland
2008-Jim Jones
2009-Daron Little
2010-Randy Huston
1996-Jean Prescott
1997-Jean Prescott
1998-Lorraine Rawls
1999-Belinda Gail
2000-Jeanne Martin
2001-Joni Harms
2002-Eli Barsi
2003-Kip Calahan
2004-Belinda Gail
2005-Juni Fisher
2006-Eli Barsi
2007-Patty Clayton
2008-Joyce Woodson
2009-Devon Dawson
2010-Jennifer Lind
1996-Hays County Gals & Pal
1997-Hays County Gals & Pal
1998-Gillette Brothers
1999-New West
2000-Texas Trailhands
2001-Riders in the Sky
2002-Lone Star Chorale
2003-Gillette Brothers
2004-Sisters of the Silver Sage
2005-Wylie & The Wild West
2006-Rider In The Sky
2007-The Quebe Sisters
2008-Tumbling Tumbleweeds
2009-Flying J Wranglers
2010-Rocking HW
1996-Sons of the San Joaquin-Great American Cowboy
1997-R.W. Hampton-Ridin the Dreamland Range
1998-Jean Prescott-Prairie Flowers
1999-Michael Martin Murphey-Cowboy Songs Four
2000-Royal Wade Kimes-Hangin' Around the Moon
2001-Brenn Hill-Trail Through Yesterday
2002-Jean Prescott-Tapestry of the West
2003-Red Steagall Wagon Tracks
2004-Joni Harms Let's Put Western Back in Country
2005-Kip Calahan, Dust Devil Angel
2006-Red Steagall, The Wind, The Wire & The Rail
2007-Lynn Anderson, Cowgirl
2008-Diamaond W Wranglers, Deep In The Saddle
2009-Liz Masterson, Roads To Colorado
2010-Lynn Anderson, Cowgirl II
1996-Gil Prather I'll Be Back in the Fall
1997-Bob Campbell Roundup Time on the Pitchfork
1998-Michael Fleming/Les Buffham Below the Kinney Rim
1999-Joni Harms/Wood Newton Belle Starr
2000-Terry Brown Silver Spur
2001-Chuck Milner Doan's Crossing
2002-Joni Harms Every Cowgirl's Dream
2003 Donna Guffey He's a Cowboy
2004-Melinda Bailey/Donnie Blanz Paint Her Real
2005-Jean Prescott, Fair Blows The Wind
2006-Jack Hannah, Where The Very Same Cottonwoods Grow
2007-Liz Anderson, I Rode In As A Stranger
2008-Rich Flanders, Blue Prairie
2009-Bob Davidson, Western Sky
2010-California Cowboy Band, Cowboy Blue
1996-Ranger Doug
1997-Janet McBride
1998-Jill Jones
1999-Shirley Field
2000-Ken Overcast
2001-Sourdough Slim
2002-Kacey Musgraves
2003-Terry Taylor
2004-Wylie Gustafson
2005-Wylie Gustafson
2006-Janet McBride
2007-Chelsea Beck
2008-Judy Coder
2009-Carin Mari Lechner
2010-Gary McMahan






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